About Us


Coelacanth ("see-la-kanth") is a company based in California specializing in the design and production of unique consumer products ranging from fashion accessories to school supplies and everyday items to collectibles that are affordable, have timeless appeal and functionality.

We believe that excellent design transcends trends and enhances the originality and appeal of our products. Coelacanth's founding in 2007 and we have developed original design series to name just a few, they are including : Robot R-45, Retro Rocket, Happy Bees, Paris Trip, Travel to Mars, California, etc..

Each series feature designs that are fresh, fun, witty and playful. We blend retro or contemporary visual elements, bold colors and textures, resulting in a collection of products that appeal to a wide range of consumers.

At Coelacanth, like the miraculous “living fossil” fish after which we’re named, we are committed to thriving through all eras and trends, while delivering quality products and timely services.